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Mr. Dickson Korku Gamedoagbao

Position: Senior Scientific Secretary


Tel: (+233) 24-3169612




DATE OF BIRTH:           14th May 1960
NATIONALITY:               Ghanaian
MARITAL STATUS:       Married









University of Gent, Belgium

MSc. Eremology



University of Ghana

BSc. Agric.



Tamale Secondary School

GCE “A” level









CSIR –Institute of Industrial Research

Senior Sci. Secretary



CSIR – Plant Gen. Res. Research Inst.

Senior Sci. Secretary



University of Ghana

Teaching Assistant



Research into Neglected and Under Utilized Plant Genetic Resources (Indigenous Leafy Vegetables).                 



Project on National Information Sharing Mechanism (NISM) on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (PGRFA).

Integrated management of Plutella xylostella and Leucinodes orbonalis on vegetables in the Volta Region .


Ghana Science Association.



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Unedited Conference Papers

  1. Ayensu F. K. and Gamedoagbao D. K. 2013. About Plant Genetic Resources Research Institute – (PGRRI) Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. A Paper published in FARMagazine.
  2. Gamedoagbao D. K. and Boateng S. K. 2012. The Potential of Indigenous Vegetables and Fruits in Wealth and Health Creation. A paper presented at the Ghana Institute of Horticulture Conference held at the University of Ghana in September 20 -22, 2012.
  3. Gamedoagbao D. K. (2003); Making Quality Seeds of Indigenous Vegetables (ILVs) in Ghana a Lucrative Income Generating Venture. Paper presented at Institute for Biodiversity Utilization and Development (CBUD) workshop on the theme: Contributing towards poverty reduction in Ghana by integrating indigenous biological food resources endangered
  4. Opoku-Agyeman, M. O., Bennett-Lartey, S. O., Boateng, S. K., Osekre, E. A., Ampong-Mensah, E., Gamedoagbao, D. K., and Akrofi, S. (2002). The Diversity of ‘Kookoase Bayere’ (Dioscorea praehensilis) And Related local Information on Farmer Practices Preliminary Observations. A paper presented at the Workshop of the Adaptive research Component of the Roots and Tuber Improvement. Held on November22, 2002 at the Soil Research Institute, Kwadaso, Kumasi.
  5. Amoatey, H. M., Bennett-Lartey, S. O., & Gamedoagbao, D. K. (1997) Conservation and improvement of neglected traditional food crops in Ghana using induced mutation techniques. Paper presented at AFRA Planning workshop on improvement and rehabilitation of traditional and neglected food crops through mutation techniques, Pretoria, 24th -28th November 1997


  1. Marketing and Commercialization Training Workshop for Council for Scientific and Industrial Research held in Accra August 22-23, 2012.
  2. Consultative Meeting on the Development of Intellectual Property Rights Policy for Council for Scientific and Industrial Research held in Accra, March 24-25, 2011.
  3. Training on ‘Writing and Production of Institutional Annual Report’ held at Accra, October 12-17, 2009.
  4. International Training Programme on Contemporary and Participatory Approaches in Plant Genetic Conservation and Use held at Wageningen, Netherlands, May 21- June15, 2007.
  5. Workshop on the Global Plan of Action (GPA) on sustainable conservation and utilization of Plant Genetic Resources held 4-8 May 2004 in Rome, Italy.
  6. Training Workshop on “Plant genetic resources and seeds’
    Community resilience in the face of change: On-farm management of diversity for empowerment.
    Held 27 October – 14 November 2014 in Jeypore & Chennai, INDIA

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